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Awwwards Conference 2015

The awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers, developers and agencies in the world.

Spend two inspiring days in the cultural and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona. Join in celebrating collective passion for the world of web.

They aim to create a meeting point where web professionals from across the globe can come to find inspiration; a space for debate; a place to share knowledge and experience; give and receive constructive and respectful critiques.

“Always hungry”.

Their mission is to discover, recognize, and promote the experts who create unique digital experiences that make the internet more beautiful, more accessible, more human.


Josh Holmes - Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, Seattle
Tobias van Schneider - Art Director & Design Lead at Spotify, NYC
Vitaly Friedman - Founder of Smashing Magazine, Freiburg
Divya Manian - Product Manager at Adobe, San Francisco
Jeremy Keith - WwwebMmmaster at Clearleft, Brighton
Meagan Fisher - Brooklyn-based web designer, NYC
Hvass&Hannibal - Founders, Copenhagen
Ricardo Cabello - Mr.doob, Barcelona
Mathias Bynens - Developer Relations at Opera, Dendermonde
Haraldur Thorleifsson - Creative Director at Ueno, San Francisco
Claudio Guglieri - Design Director at F-i, San Francisco
David Navarro - Creative & Design Director, Amsterdam
Bruce Lawson - Open Standards Advocate, Birmingham
Phil Hawksworth - Technical Director at R/GA, London
Jaume Sanchez - Technical Director at B-Reel, Barcelona
Paul Bakaus - Developer Advocate at Google, Munich
Marko Dugonjic - UX Director at Creative Nights, Velika Gorica
Henry Daubrez - Creative Director at Dogstudio, Namur
Fabio Merlin - Co-founder and Creative Director of Aquest, Verona
Jesús Gorriti - Group Director at Fjord, Madrid

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